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Council: The above officers plus the following elected members


Steve Cluderay; Stephen Ellis; Jim Murison; John Niklaus; Gordon Ritchie; Robert West



Committee Chairs


Community Projects:  

Fellowship:   John Merchant

International:   International

Foundation:   Gordon Ritchie

Youth:   John Niklaus

Fund Raising:   Stephen Ellis

Recruitment/PR   Colin Perrott



Other club appointments


Assistant Secretary    Gordon Ritchie

Media/PR/Website   Steve Cluderay

Newsletter   Jim Murison  

Polio Plus Advocate    Colin Perrott

Rotaract Liaison    Jim Murison

Munster link    Stephen Ellis

Welfare    Ian Collinson

Peter Kendall

Immediate Past President

Issy Sanderson

Vice President


Dick Powell


Colin Perrott



Jean Preston

Honorary Secretary

John Quickfall

Honorary Treasurer

Officers 2016 -2017

Powell Perrott1aa Quickfall1 Issy3a